26 fevereiro 2011

11 fevereiro 2011

"Using bone conduction, a technology developed for hearing devices, the touch echo installation transmits sounds of the cities which were devastated in the 1945 carpet bombing in the Second World War, through the arms of the visitors when they rest their elbows on the balustrade and hold their ears closed. Several custom-made sound conductors mounted to the railing send sounds of airplanes and bombs exploding through vibrations; it is completely silent unless you touch the railing. The installation touched echo is a minimal media intervention set within a public space. The visitors of Brühl's Terrace in Dresden are taken back in time to the night of the terrible air raid which devastated their city February 13, 1945. In their role as performer, the visitor imagines themselves in the place of the Dresden inhabitants who must have closed their ears tightly in fear to shut out the horrendous noise of the explosions 65 years ago. When one leans on the balustrade the sound of airplanes and explosions is transmitted from the swinging balustrade through one’s arm directly into the inner ear."

02 fevereiro 2011

late night work - slowly - in progress