23 fevereiro 2009

Ron van der Ende

Ron van der Ende makes perspective reliefs in old wood. Each covered in a mosaic of thin colored veneers. Ron doesn’t paint the wood itself; he keeps a large collection of old planks and doors in the colors he needs. His work includes a series of 14 motor cars in which numerous American classics, a Ferrari, a smashed-up Toyota and a G.A.Z. Volga were represented.
He subsequently explored the possibilities of his collage construction technique further, making boats, an out-board motor, a plane and even buildings.

Ron van der Ende (via KanyeWest blog)

12 fevereiro 2009

05 fevereiro 2009


Picture 23
Mede apenas 89 x 73 mm, mas nem por isso deixa de ser das minhas artes preferidas da colecção da Tate.